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Who can Zakat not be given to?

The majority of scholars hold the opinion that Zakat is to be both paid and received by Muslims. Other forms of charity such as Sadaqah can be given to Muslims and/or non-Muslims alike.

Zakat cannot be given to:

  • 1. The rich
  • 2. The strong and able poor e.g. those capable but not willing to work
  • 3. The heretic, apostate, those disbelievers actively fighting Islam
  • 4. The family of the Prophet (peace be upon him) – The names of the Prophet’s tribes are Banū Hāshim and Banū Muṭṭalib
  • 5. Lineal descendants i.e. children and grandchildren
  • 6. Lineal ascendants i.e. parents and grandparents

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