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Zakat in the UK

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Every Muslim community in the world needs a mechanism to uphold the pillar of Zakat, just as our mosques uphold the pillar of Salat. This is what we tasked ourselves with in 2011, when we launched the National Zakat Foundation (NZF) in the UK. NZF is now the premier Zakat institution for the UK Muslim community, serving Zakat payers and recipients nationwide. By providing a complete Zakat service within the UK, NZF aims to achieve its vision of a pious, confident, selfless and self-sufficient UK Muslim community, where no individual in need is left abandoned. It is the only organisation providing an end-to-end Zakat service, encompassing education, calculation, collection and distribution of Zakat funds for the benefit of local, deserving recipients. This group includes some of the most vulnerable members of the community, including the homeless, refugees, asylum seekers, single parents and the elderly.

Common questions asked of the National Zakat Foundation:

I usually give my Zakat abroad, why should I give it here in the UK?

There is a genuine need for Muslims to give their Zakat to organisations in the UK to help address problems facing the Muslim community here. Many Muslims are simply unaware of the fact that there are Muslims living in our communities who are suffering from poverty and destitution, many of whom are left isolated due to inadequate support structures. They too require our help urgently.

Can I still give my Zakat abroad? Is it wrong if I do?

Yes, you can still give your Zakat abroad and there is nothing wrong in doing so.

Why do we need to distribute Zakat in the UK when we have an established welfare system?

Under the welfare system, application procedures for housing and other benefits are time consuming and bureaucratic. Applicants can encounter delays of up to several months before any benefit is forthcoming. NZF aims to provide assistance during this crucial time so that applicants (often with children) are able to live in safety and with dignity whilst other options are being explored.

What type of assistance does the National Zakat Foundation give?

NZF provides Zakat to individuals who are eligible to receive it. Through our Zakat fund, we aim to provide for the basic necessities of life. Examples of the type of items we have paid for so far include:

  • Food vouchers
  • Emergency accommodation
  • Rent deposits
  • Baby items such as nappies and milk
  • Personal items e.g. clothing and toiletries
  • Essential travel
  • Basic furniture
  • Vital counselling services

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