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World Zakat Forum 2018

At the beginning of December, the National Zakat Foundation (NZF) travelled to Melaka, Malaysia, to represent the UK at this year’s annual World Zakat Forum (WZF).

Just like NZF, the World Zakat Forum develops and encourages the practice of Zakat, in order to strengthen Islam, unify Muslims, and amplify the impact Muslims are making on their own communities, as well as the global community.

The World Zakat Forum holds regular international conferences, and invites the world’s leading experts and organisations to join the discussion on Zakat, its purpose, potential, collection, distribution, and impact.

WZF asked the National Zakat Foundation to lead a seminar on Zakat and its role in Islam in the twenty-first century.

Our Head of Research, Mufti Faraz Adam, presented NZF’s core beliefs and aspirations to an audience of experts, researchers, policy makers, business leaders, and philanthropists in his lecture ‘Zakat Philosophy and Goals: Establishing a True Zakat Framework’.

Mufti Faraz says, “It was an honour and a privilege for the National Zakat Foundation to represent the UK at the World Zakat Forum 2018. We presented our research on the philosophy of Zakat and encouraged a faith-centred framework which was welcomed by participating organisations and attendees.

It was interesting to see how different countries are implementing the eight categories of Zakat to meet their contextual challenges and circumstances. Member countries were in favour of the idea of local Zakat distribution as a catalyst for the advancement of faith and socio-economic reform.

We look forward to collaborating with national bodies to enhance our collective understanding, implementation and management of Zakat. Being together and working for a unified objective will be a means of reform at every level, God willing."

NZF is pleased that Muslim leaders and organisations around the world are working towards creating an effective and efficient system of localised Zakat, as this will only further Islam and benefit Muslims.

We’ll continue to lead the discussion on local, transformative, and impactful Zakat, and to support the World Zakat Forum in its aim to develop the Muslim world’s understanding of Zakat and its unlimited potential.

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2019 is here. What’s your Zakat resolution?

Now is the time to set goals, make plans and look forward to the year ahead. Why not make your resolution to give your #Zakat locally again and see what we can achieve together this year? Your Zakat has made a difference in the past, and it can make an even bigger impact now to people in hardship. It will empower families struggling to feed and clothe their children, and our elders who are lonely with no one to care for them. We will continue to invest in our future leaders and build lasting institutions to enable Islam to flourish here in the UK.

Posted by National Zakat Foundation on Tuesday, January 1, 2019

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