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Leadership Investment Programme

NZF’s Leadership Investment Programme (LIP) is a unique and exciting offering for the Muslim community in the UK. Approximately 20% of our Programmes budget is spent in this area in order to support a diverse range of talented individuals and teams at the forefront of driving forward our vision: for Islam to flourish in society as a source of prosperity and harmony for all.

Funding under the LIP Programme is divided into two streams:

The purpose of this funding stream is to support emerging leaders to develop further the knowledge and skills required in order to deliver effective solutions that contribute to achieving our vision. We seek to identify God-conscious and dynamic individuals with the necessary combination of humility and determination to succeed in their chosen path.

The net result of their efforts is anticipated to result in one or more of the following outcomes: a greater degree of understanding and embodiment of the core tenets of Islam in society; better public perception of Islam and Muslims; and more effective representation of Islam and Muslims in the public sphere.

Thus far, NZF has pioneered its LIP Development work under the Muslim Leaders Development Fund (MLDF). In 2017-18, three rounds of funding have been administered. Over 200 applications have been received altogether with 51 grants approved. The assessment process included detailed, written applications and interviews. Further information about grantees in 2018 can be found in our Impact Report.

Applications for funding under this stream are not currently open. We are focusing our attention on an exciting redesign of our offering based on learnings and feedback from our past activities. It is anticipated that the next round of applications for funding will be launched in Summer 2019, at which time detailed information about the criteria for eligibility and the assessment process will be released.

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The purpose of this funding stream is to support established or existing leaders to deliver specific initiatives that align with our vision and are considered to be of the highest priority. Once the individual(s) and the project idea or existing institution have been evaluated and approved, funding provided can be used to support any aspect of the work that is deemed to be most important to achieving the agreed upon goal(s). At a time when so much of Muslim community infrastructure is desperately underfunded, this avenue of funding provides a much-needed source of backing to unlock the full potential of our most established leaders.

Thus far, NZF has supported a number of projects and organisations led by some of our best intellectual and social leaders. Details of our 2018 activities are in our Impact Report [LINK], some key examples of which include:

- Cambridge Muslim College
- Abu Hanifah Foundation
- Ramadan Tent Project
- MCB’s Visit My Mosque
- MCB’s Centre for Media Monitoring

Funding for projects or organisations under the Delivery stream do not currently occur by way of open application. This is partly owing to the limited budget available for this funding stream at the current time and also because our current strategy is to focus on long-term commitments to a handful of key institutions in order to ensure that step-change impact can be achieved. Rather than funding a wide range of projects with small grants, we are making multi-year commitments to a small number of grantees with the aim that, at the end of the funding period, we have supported the emergence of self-sustainable and high-impact Muslim institutions that are serving the community and wider society. Grants are only approved after a thorough review process has been undertaken, covering all aspects of the people and processes of the relevant project or organisation.

At the current time, we are working in this way with the following initiatives:

- Cambridge Muslim College
- MCB’s Centre for Media Monitoring
- Federation of Student Islamic Societies
- Three research and educational projects being pioneered by leading scholars.

Further information or questions
Information relating to the strategic and legal rationale for spending Zakat on the above activities can be found in our comprehensive Zakat strategy document.

If you have any queries, comments or suggestions, please contact our Leadership Investment Programme team.

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