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Ahmed’s Story

Ahmed comes from a respected, hard working farming family in Kurdistan. However, his life was turned upside down when war broke out. Most of his family was killed in the bombings so, in desperation, Ahmed fled to this country. He attempted to claim asylum, but his claim was rejected. With no eligibility for benefits, and surrounded by strangers, he felt totally alone, afraid and helpless. In addition, concerned for the welfare of his only surviving brother in Kurdistan, Ahmed’s mental health deteriorated. With no money for food or a safe place to sleep, he was often forced to sleep in bus shelters, which exposed him to violent attacks.

How NZF helped
Ahmed was given shelter at a local hostel, and his basic needs of food and clothing were met. Having lived rough for the past few months, Ahmed’s health had suffered and he needed medical treatment for several physical ailments. The destruction of his homeland and the deaths of his family had also left him traumatised. We were able to refer him for bereavement counseling, which finally gave Ahmed the opportunity to grieve for his family and begin to rebuild his life. Ahmed has begun attending his local mosque where he is forming friendships. He has also been given the necessary support to help him trace his surviving brother and he hopes to make contact soon.

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