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Case No. 253: Aisha & Rehana's Story

Location: London
Gender: Female
Amount required: £2000
Funds required for: Medicines, food and rent
Amount allocated to you for fundraising: £1000
Applicable Zakat category:
Al-Miskin - those restrained because they cannot meet their basic needs.

Jazak Allah khair for dedicating your time and efforts to raise funds for a vulnerable individual or family in need right here in the UK. Your support is vital in order to help alleviate poverty in our community and restore dignity to those suffering on a daily basis. Your support will help to change lives and in some cases, will even save them.

Please find below details of the ACTUAL CASE for which you will be fundraising.
You can share these details amongst your contacts to help you achieve your target insha’Allah.

Case history:
Aisha and Rehana are sisters who have suffered considerably in their home countries by being victims of domestic violence. One of the sisters has a 3 year old son who was also sexually abused by a family friend. The other child suffers from epilepsy. One of the sisters is in desperate need for medical attention as she has a number of health conditions that requires daily medication. She suffers from diabetes, blood pressure, continuous coughing and breathing problems, foot ulcers and is losing vision from one eye as she cannot afford medication.

They are currently awaiting a decision on their asylum case and need money for a small room they are renting. It is overcrowded and the sisters with their children all sleep there. The health condition of all of them is very poor and they have been getting a little bit of help from people to buy medicines, food and clothing wherever possible.

Message from applicant:
“Please assist with any donations to buy medicines, food and clothing.”

Expected outcome/benefit of support:
The funds will enable one of the sisters to purchase medicine and seek further treatment for her health condition. The sisters will also be able to purchase food regularly (through vouchers which can be given for a number of months) so they can feed themselves and their children properly. Some of the money will also be used to pay the rent on their room so that they are not forced to leave and go elsewhere due to missed rent payments. Insha’Allah they will have enough support up until their application for asylum is granted.

You can register to take the responsibility to raise funds directly for this LIVE case.


*The names and personal details in this case have been changed to protect identity.

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