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Case No. 134: Bilal’s Story

“It was becoming harder to find a job and sleeping on the bus was my best option.”

In 2001, Bilal came to the UK to study. He was orphaned as a baby and raised by his aunt, who funded his studies. However when she suddenly died, he could no longer afford the fees and dropped out of education. 

Bilal wasn’t entitled to any benefits and did odd jobs to help him survive. He sought refuge at a charity shop where he worked but it closed down leaving him homeless. With no other option, Bilal resorted to sleeping on the night bus, going from the first to the last stop… and back again… every night. 

How NZF changed Bilal’s story:
When Bilal found us, he was in a very poor state, both physically and emotionally. We helped him by providing him with accommodation, food vouchers and clothing. This enabled him to focus on finding more work and within three months he had a small but steady income to help sustain himself. 

Bilal now uses the bus to travel to work and is no longer dependent on Zakat funds to sustain him. 

Bilal is not just another number. He is a real story and one that we changed with your help. Alhamdulillah he no longer suffers on a bus at night, but now sleeps in a safe and comfortable bed - just like the rest of us.

Sadly, Bilal isn’t the only one. There are many more thousands of vulnerable adults and even children sleeping rough at night, with little food and little hope for the future. Over half of the cases NZF has received in the past two years have been related to homelessness. Behind each case is a real person, a real story and a desperate plea for help.

However, this Ramadan YOU can change the story for an individual or family in need right here in the UK.

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