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Habiba’s Story

Habiba and Samad fled to this country with their 7 year old son from the Middle East, after suffering persecution for practicing Islam. Prior to the civil unrest, Samad owned a small convenience store, and was financially comfortable. They sold everything to get documentation and flights to this country. On arrival they applied for political asylum, which was rejected, leaving them penniless in a foreign country, with no support or access to public funds. Samad volunteered to tutor children at a local mosque, hoping to receive donations to fund their living. However, during one of his classes the police arrived and arrested Samad without explanation or charge. Habiba was left totally vulnerable, with no access to state benefits. The local community who had initially welcomed the family no longer wanted to associate with them, for fear of repercussions from the police.

How NZF helped
Habiba was given access to emergency Zakat funds, which allowed her to feed and clothe her son, and also seek legal advice on her situation. She was also introduced to key local charities to who could help her acquire the skills and support she needed to better her situation. NZF also helped to pay for a legal representative to help Habiba’s husband with his case.

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