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Case No. 253: Jamil Trouar's Story

Location: Manchester
Gender: Male
Amount required: £1000
Ethnicity: Rwandan
Funds required for: Food, bed mattress, bedding, warm clothes and a heater.
Applicable Zakat category:
Al Fuqara - Those living in absolute poverty.

Jazak Allah khair for dedicating your time and efforts to raise funds for a vulnerable individual or family in need right here in the UK. Your support is vital in order to help alleviate poverty in our community and restore dignity to those suffering on a daily basis. Your support will help to change lives and in some cases, will even save them.

Please find below details of the ACTUAL CASE for which you will be fundraising.
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Case history:
Jamil is from Rwanda. He accepted Islam in Manchester 6 years ago. Initially he came as a student to study at a University in London where he completed his studies. He was planning to return to his country but after the Rwanda elections in 2010 his father and family were arrested without trial and tortured. His father has been missing since then. He claimed asylum on political grounds after hearing what happened to his family, but his application was refused in March 2012 as the Home Office needed more evidence to support his application.

He was able to obtain some new evidence again from Rwanda to support his case. Subsequently, his support from the National Asylum Support Service (NASS) was stopped. He put in a new claim in Sept 2012 but has not received any official confirmation about it.

At the moment he is living in a store of a friend’s shop in Manchester. He needs help to buy food as he has no money and his friend said that he either lives there or he gives him food i.e. his friend cannot provide both food and shelter. When Jamil contacted NZF, he had been hungry for the past 2 days and did not know where his next meal was going to come from. Jamil sleeps on a piece of cardboard on the floor and has no access to heating so he gets very cold and finds it difficult to sleep.

Expected outcome/benefit of support:
Jamil will have a more comfortable place to sleep and be able to keep warm in the cold weather. He will also be able to eat more regularly. The funds will support him for a short while and insha’Allah in that time he is hoping to hear about his application for asylum.

Likely scenario if NZF does not support applicant:
Jamil will become very ill sleeping on the floor, on a piece of cardboard in the cold weather and without adequate food and water. He does not have access to health care so this is a further concern if he becomes ill.

Date case released: 03.04.2013

Funds required by: 17.05.2013

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*The names and personal details in this case have been changed to protect identity.