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Case 0099 - Neha Al-Jamali's Story

Location: Rochdale
Gender: Female
Amount required: £3000
Ethnicity: n/a
Funds required for: Debt (Solicitor, Bills, Overdraft, Food vouchers)
Amount allocated to you for fundraising: £1500
Applicable Zakat category:
Al Fuqara -Those living in absolute poverty.

Jazak Allah khair for dedicating your time and efforts to raise funds for a vulnerable individual or family in need right here in the UK. Your support is vital in order to help alleviate poverty in our community and restore dignity to those suffering on a daily basis. Your support will help to change lives and in some cases, will even save them.

Please find below details of the ACTUAL CASE for which you will be fundraising.
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Case history:
Sister Neha is a single mother with two toddlers. She came to the UK to escape persecution from her ex-husband who was abusing her physically and mentally. She came here as a student, determined to make a life for herself. When she arrived in the UK, she realized that she was pregnant.

Her husband convinced her to sponsor his visa and eventually he arrived in the UK, after sister Neha’s first child was born. In due course she had another child. However her husband became violent towards her as he got into alcoholism and later left Islam. This severely disrupted her studies and sister Neha dropped out of school. The abuse and violence got worse and she had to call the authorities.

Sister Neha has a restraining order against her ex-husband. She has found it very difficult to get back into her studies while managing two young children and dealing with her trauma. Her student visa lapsed and she applied for asylum. She is afraid to go back home where her family and her husband’s family have made it clear she is unwelcome as she will be a source of shame for them.

Sister Neha and her kids are now asylum seekers. She has no access to benefits and she cannot work. In order to obtain asylum seeker status, she has incurred a lot of debt and solicitor fees while navigating the system on her own. Due to misinformation and lack of knowledge, she had exhausted her access to legal aid with no real outcome.

Until her status is resolved, sister Neha will need basic help such as money for food. She has gone out to beg at Masjids to no avail. She also needs help with her loans and solicitor fees as her creditors are after her and she is under a lot of stress. On top of that, her loans are incurring more and more interest.

Expected outcome/benefit of support:
Sister Neha will be able to pay for her solicitors to get the optimum service from them. Her creditors will stop harassing her for her arrears and she will not be accruing interest on her loans. With the weekly food vouchers, she can insha’Allah feed herself and her small family without going out to beg at Masjids.

Likely scenario if NZF does not support applicant:
Sister Neha will be legally prosecuted for her debts. She will also have no choice but to continue to live on credit with increasing amounts of interest on her loans. She will also have no access to adequate food for her and her children, which may lead to humiliating situations arising such as begging on the streets and in masaajid.

Date case released: 02.04.2013

Funds required by: 02.06.2013

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*The names and personal details in this case have been changed to protect identity.