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Case No. 556: Sara’s Story

For five years, Sara endured horrific physical and psychological abuse from her husband. He made it near impossible for her to see her family or even venture outside. 

One day, she was severely beaten and decided enough was enough. But her husband made sure the divorce process was long and painful, during which time he withheld all forms of financial support from her. 

How NZF changed Sara’s story:
The divorce proceedings left Sara penniless and homeless. With nowhere to go, Sara turned to NZF for support with housing and basic living costs. We helped Sara with her own accommodation and provided food vouchers whilst her new benefit claims were being processed. We also funded counselling sessions to help her overcome her trauma. 

At Sara’s request, we helped her start her own cooking business from home so she could become financially independent.

Sara is not just another number. She is a real story and one that we changed with your help. 

Sadly, Sara isn't the only one. NZF now receives cases related to domestic violence on an almost daily basis. Behind each case is a real person, a real story and a desperate plea for help. 

However, this Ramadan YOU can change the story for an individual or family in need right here in the UK.

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