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Case 0357 - Shima Khatun's Story

Location: South London
Gender: Female
Amount required: £1000 on an on-going basis until her legal status changes (approximate 6 months) therefore a total of £6000 is required.
Ethnicity: Bangladeshi
Funds required for: Shima is currently residing in a refuge; she has no recourse to public funds and is not able to access any benefits. NZF is paying for her accommodation, food and support services. A small stipend is included for her basic needs.
Amount allocated to you for fundraising: £1500
Applicable Zakat category:
Al Miskin - Those restrained because they cannot meet their basic needs.

Jazak Allah khair for dedicating your time and efforts to raise funds for a vulnerable individual or family in need right here in the UK. Your support is vital in order to help alleviate poverty in our community and restore dignity to those suffering on a daily basis. Your support will help to change lives and in some cases, will even save them.

Please find below details of the ACTUAL CASE for which you will be fundraising. . You can share these details amongst your contacts to help you achieve your target insha’Allah.

Case history:
Shima came to the UK on a spouse visa. However soon after arriving, her husband started to subject her to severe physical violence. She has no family in the UK and with no legal status she is not able to seek support from the government. Despite this, when the violence became too much to bear she contacted the police. The police intervened and for a short period of time the violence stopped.

However, the abuse started again and the recent episode of violence became too much for her as she is currently 6 months pregnant. Shima realised that if she stayed with her husband any longer, her unborn child would also be in danger. She has applied for indefinite leave to remain but the process can take up to 6 months.

Shima was also hospitalised recently and whilst in hospital her husband said that he does not want her back in the house and wants nothing to do with her. This left her totally destitute with no family or friends and nowhere to go once discharged. The hospital gave her a list of contacts to see if she can get support from any charity but she was unable to access help due to her legal status. She managed to find one refuge that agreed to take her but she did not have the money to pay for the rent. So her next task was to call around to see if anyone would support her financially. She finally called NZF after nearly giving up and when we informed her that we could support her, she burst into tears.

She is due to move into the refuge this month (March) insha'Allah. She will now be given a room of her own, support from key workers and a weekly stipend to support her until her legal status changes.

Message from applicant:
“I have nowhere and no one to turn to, every door I approached for help every single one was closed. Without NZF I don’t know what I would have done; now I can look forward for a future with no danger lurking behind me.”

Expected outcome/benefit of support:
Moving Shima to safe accommodation will take her out of immediate danger from her abusive husband. She will have access to key workers who will provide her with a comprehensive package of support including counselling, advice and other services which will help her situation insha’Allah. The key workers will also assist her with her pregnancy and ensure she receives the right level of care during this important time.

Likely scenario if NZF does not support applicant:
Shima would either have to return to her violent husband in which case her life and that of her unborn child would be in danger or she would be homeless on the streets whilst being 6 months pregnant as she has no friends or family in the UK and is not eligible for benefits or government support due to her uncertain legal status.

Date case released for fundraising: 22nd March 2013

Funds required by: 22nd May 2013

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*The names and personal details in this case have been changed to protect identity.