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Case 0072 - Suad Tabassum's Story

Location: Bolton
Gender: Female
Amount required: £5000
Ethnicity: n/a
Funds required for: Paying off debt
Amount allocated to you for fundraising: £1250
Applicable Zakat category:
a) Al-Gharimin - those who have incurred overwhelming debts while attempting to satisfy their basic needs AND b) Al-Miskin - those restrained because they cannot meet their basic needs.

Jazak Allah khair for dedicating your time and efforts to raise funds for a vulnerable individual or family in need right here in the UK. Your support is vital in order to help alleviate poverty in our community and restore dignity to those suffering on a daily basis. Your support will help to change lives and in some cases, will even save them.

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Case history:
Sister Suad is an elderly widow in her sixties and a dependent of her son who has recently been released from prison. However as a condition of his release, he has to complete his sentence at home, never to step out for about a year. As a result, sister Suad is the sole breadwinner of the house, helping out in housekeeping and babysitting jobs in the homes of her relatives in exchange for meals. Occasionally she makes samosas to sell. She does not speak English and due to her age, she finds it very difficult to get other forms of employment.

Sister Suad’s husband passed away when her son was a toddler. She never remarried and spent her entire life raising her son to the best of her abilities and relying on the benefit system for support. However, due to her lack of language skills and proximity to extended family, she never learned English or assimilated into the wider community. Unfortunately, due to lack of guidance from family and no father to help him, her son got involved with the wrong people and started dealing in illegal goods. He also took advantage of his mother by taking out many loans in her name. He made it appear like he was supporting her until he got caught and was sent to jail.

This came as a shock to sister Suad as she was left alone with no real understanding of her situation. Her son was facing legal action over a lot of his debts and threats from his illegal dealings and sister Suad also found out that she was also in severe debt. While her son was in prison, a number of bailiffs came to her house to repossess her goods and she was faced with legal action over debts that were taken out in her name. In desperation, she borrowed a lot of money from relatives to pay off these debts and now they are constantly chasing her for repayment. She has also fallen behind on accommodation payments and has almost been homeless a few times before borrowing money from relatives again just to have a roof over her head.

Her son now has to wear an electronic ankle tag and is under strict monitoring. If he has any kind of altercation with the general public he will be sent back to prison.

The current issue is that sister Suad is facing constant hassle from one of her creditors. She owes him £5000.00. She is hiding this loan from her son as she fears that he will do something in retaliation that will land him back in prison. She has tried to ask for more time to pay back the loan but unfortunately her creditor has been quite unmerciful to her plight.

Message from applicant:
“I cannot sleep at night. My son is my only family. I have been stressed out for years. Alhamdulilah may Allah (swt) help me.”

Expected outcome/benefit of support:
The sister will have one less loan to deal with. She will no longer be harassed by her creditor and she would not fear her son’s breach of his prison release conditions. Once this creditor is appeased, she can focus on picking up the pieces to regain whatever she can of her life and dignity. Likely scenario if NZF does not support applicant:
She will continue to be harassed by her creditor and her son will gain knowledge of the situation and may turn violent, resulting in her son ending up in prison again. Sister Suad may also become homeless if she tries to save what little income she has to pay the creditors instead of keeping up with her accommodation payments. Date case released: 02.04.2013

Funds required by: 02.06.2013

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*The names and personal details in this case have been changed to protect identity.