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Sulaiman al Gambi’s Story

Sulaiman took out a loan to start a web development business. Initially the business took off and he was doing well. He was living with his wife in a flat sub-let to him by another Muslim brother, to whom he paid his monthly rent without fail. However, a few months ago he received a letter informing him that, as he had not paid his rent, he owed a considerable amount of money. Realising what had happened, he contacted the brother who had sub-let to him. He was unable to contact him, as he had left the country along with the rent money.

How NZF helped
With the debts from his loan and the rent for his flat mounting, he found himself in a vicious cycle of trying to pay off his debts by borrowing from friends and family. With the risk of becoming homeless and being unable to fulfil his promise of paying back debts, he turned to NZF. We have now cleared the debts that were incurring interest and provided him with an interest-free loan, to enable him to pay back the money he borrowed from friends and family. Sulaiman now has the finances to revamp his business and provide shelter for his family.

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