Asalaamu Alaikum dear NZF Champion

We have now reached the end of our Summer campaign! Jazakh’Allah khairan for your tremendous efforts in raising awareness about the importance of Zakat in your local community.

Alhamdulillah through your role as an NZF Champion, more people are aware of the need for Zakat to be utilised locally in order to help our brothers and sisters in need here in the UK.

Your task for this week is:

Complete this short questionnaire regarding the NZF Champions Summer Campaign.

Your feedback will help us to assess the success of the campaign and make improvements for future campaigns insha’Allah.

Let the rewards continue

We hope that you have found the tasks enjoyable and pray that you have personally benefited from yourt role as an NZF Champion. Although the campaign has now officially come to an end, the reality is that vulnerable Muslims all over the UK still need your help and support. Insha’Allah, you can still reap the rewards of helping your fellow brothers and sisters in need by:

  • Continuing to raise awareness about the pillar of Zakat and the work of NZF.
  • Signposting Muslims in need in your local area to NZF.
  • Increasing your own knowledge and understanding of Zakat and sharing what you have learned with others.
  • Making du’a for those facing difficulty and for the success of NZF.
  • Donating to NZF.

The above tasks are not required to be completed on a weekly basis and can be undertaken as and when possible insha’Allah.

Did You Know?

Most Muslims pay their Zakat during Ramadan because it’s easy to remember and Ramadan is a time when good deeds are more rewarding. However, two things are worth bearing in mind.

Zakat is due one lunar year after someone’s wealth exceeds the Nisab… this might not be in Ramadan! Also, if one isn’t careful then they might miss their first Zakat payment altogether by waiting for the next Ramadan.

Zakat can be paid in advance of its due date. Payments throughout the year can be very helpful especially when the demand for Zakat funds from the poor doesn’t just exist in Ramadan.

Helping you bring Zakat to life where you live.