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Q: What does the category al-Mu’allafati Qulubuhum (winning hearts) mean?

A: Ibn Ashur (d.1393 AH) states that Al-Mu’allafati Qulubuhum’ refers to creating positive
perceptions, feelings and inclinations towards Islam and Muslims. Imam Raghib al-Asfahani
(d.502 AH) states that Ta’lif linguistically refers to assembling scattered things. In the context
of Zakat, it refers to those with negative or neutral perceptions about Islam and Muslims, and
enabling them to think more positively towards Islam and Muslims. 

In today’s context this may apply to Muslims who have been in and out prison or have committed major sins but repented from them. If they are in need of support to rebuild their life and have vowed/intended to never return to those sins, they may be eligible for Zakat under the above-mentioned category. This is to soften their heart towards Islam so they may be good practicing Muslims in sha Allah.

And Allah knows best! 

Reviewed on 09/11/2021

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