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NZF’s vision is for Islam to flourish as a real commitment to God that inspires believers to strive for prosperity, harmony and justice for all.

NZF was founded by Mercy Mission UK in 2011 and became a separate entity and registered charity in 2013, when it was also launched in Canada and Australia. Since its inception in 2011, NZF has distributed £7.3m (as of December 2017) of Zakat within the UK to almost 8,000 beneficiaries.

Since it was founded, NZF’s mission has been to collect and distribute Zakat within the UK. Whilst the amount of Zakat collected and number of individuals benefitting from NZF’s Zakat distribution continues to increase exponentially, NZF is now ensuring its vision fully reflects a society where the transformative power of Zakat is maximised.

Our mosques are the collective institution to help Muslims uphold the pillar of Salat. Classically, there have also been local collective institutions to help Muslims uphold the pillar of Zakat.

NZF is now the premier Zakat institution for UK Muslims, collecting and distributing Zakat transformatively within the UK. NZF focusses on the purpose of Zakat, ensuring that distribution is transformative within the United Kingdom.

NZF distributes the majority of Zakat to individuals in need of hardship relief as well as to individuals in need of support with empowerment. These people include some of the most vulnerable members of the community such as: the homeless, refugees, asylum seekers and the elderly. NZF distributes a smaller but critical portion to develop the Muslim community – through advocacy, Islamic scholarship, and educational/strategic initiatives.

To achieve the transformative impact of Zakat distribution, NZF has developed a range of products and services to support Zakat payers. This includes many ways to pay Zakat and Calculation resources.

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