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Q: Why is Zakat given to winning hearts?

This meta-category is considered to be ‘soft power’. Soft power in political theory refers to the ability to influence and persuade without force and coercion. Influence under soft power is achieved by building networks and communicating compelling narratives. The result is Tamkin (firm establishment), influence and power. This gives rise to greater stability and self-determination. The categories subsumed by this meta-category can include: individuals helping the wider community to have more positive perceptions of Islam and Muslims; those who may pose harm to Muslims; and those new to the faith in order to deepen their sense of belonging and commitment. In the context of Muslim-minority communities, this meta-category presents primarily as constructive social and political engagement with the aim of achieving a more conducive environment for Muslims to practise their faith. 
And Allah knows best!

Reviewed on 30/11/2021

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