We have now reached the 7th week of our Summer Campaign alhamdulillah and hope that you are all up to date with your tasks. If not, Ramadan presents the ideal opportunity to catch up on missed tasks and gain more reward for your good deeds insha’Allah.

Your task for this week is:

Distribute NZF campaign posters and leaflets in your local community.

You can give out leaflets in your local masjid (seek permission first) after taraweeh or jummah, put up posters in local shops and community centres and also share with your friends and family members.

Don’t forget to wear your NZF Champions T-Shirt whilst carrying out this task! Order leaflets, posters and your T-shirt (S,M,L,XL) from admin@nzf.org.uk. Please state your name, address and T-Shirt size (if you don’t have one).

Win an Amazing Prize!

There is no better reward than knowing you are helping your vulnerable brothers and sisters in their time of need, as well as investing in your hereafter insha’Allah.

However, to step up the competition, we are giving you the opportunity to win an Umrah trip, iPad 3 and vouchers worth £100! To be in with a chance of winning, you need to set up your fundraising page on our website, with a minimum target of £750. Once set up, don’t forget to promote your page via Facebook, Twitter, Text and e-mail.

NZF on Ramadan TV

If you missed our last show, here is another chance to watch NZF live on Ramadan TV, Sky channel 843.

We will be airing live on Saturday 28th July from 9.30pm to 3:00am insha’Allah. Special guest Sheikh Tawfique Chowdhury will be calling in live between midnight and 1am so make sure you tune in!

Did You Know?

Zakat isn’t just due on cash, silver and gold? It is also due on contemporary assets like shares and pensions, as well as businesses. Check out our Zakat Calculator for a better understanding of how to pay Zakat on these items!

Helping you bring Zakat to life where you live.