What’s it all about?

This week the NZF team will be taking on an awesome new challenge. We will be standing in solidarity with those who go without by giving up all hot food and drink. We will forgo some of the most basic things we all take for granted, including the coveted caffeine fix at breakfast, to raise awareness and vital funds for the winter poor. This is great way to get involved without having to even leave home so get your family and friends signed up too! #coldfood

Why should I participate?

Lack of heating and eating are the two main challenges facing the poor and needy in the UK in winter. For the last few years, the number of applications we receive at NZF during the winter months has doubled, reflecting the reality of the need of those in our midst. Exposure to the cold can have a devastating impact on the health of older people in particular, increasing admissions in hospital and exacerbating medical conditions which would otherwise be more manageable. Together we will raise awareness and vital funds of the plight of brothers and sisters in the UK for whom heating and eating are not guaranteed and remains an everyday struggle.


How do I sign up?

This is a seven day challenge taking place from 25th-31st January 2016 when NZF champions across the UK will sacrifice all hot food and drink as a reminder of what so many on our doorstep go through on a daily basis, not out of choice, but out of circumstance.

All you need to is take 3 simple steps: 

1. Set up an NZF fundraising page here
2. Send your page link to your contacts and post on social media (#coldfood)
3. Avoid all hot food and drink from 25th-31st January 2016

Alternatively if you are unable to make these dates, you can take on the challenge during any seven consecutive days in January. 

The rules are simple: no hot food and no hot drinks!

To sign up, simply share your challenge dates on your NZF fundraising page and once it’s up and running, send your URL link to family and friends.

NB although there are other platforms such as JustGiving, we recommend that you set up a fundraising page on the NZF website to avoid the administrative charges incurred on other websites.

If you get stuck or need help setting up your page, simply give us a shout! 



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