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Up and down the country, a record number of Muslims are falling into poverty – battling to survive and cover basic costs. At NZF we’ve seen first-hand the rising need for Zakat amongst our fellow Muslims, with applications almost doubling this year.

Based on our projections there’s a £500,000 shortfall to cover the needs of our community until Ramadan. If we don’t bridge this gap by the end of the year, thousands of people may have to wait two or three months before they can receive any support.

We simply can’t let that happen

Together, let’s bridge the gap


I'm bridging the gap

Giving Zakat early


We know that you may not usually give Zakat before it’s due, but in times of urgent need it is greatly encouraged.

Giving missed Zakat


If you have some missed Zakat from previous years, now would be a good time to get up-to-date and supply much needed funds.

Give Sadaqah instead


You can support in other ways. Every £1 of Sadaqah helps us generate around £5 of Zakat. Multiply your impact. Give Sadaqah.

Who you’ll be helping


You’ll be helping Muslims like Aneesa, whose husband lost his job as an Uber driver almost overnight during the pandemic.

And Muhammad, whose construction work dried up as a result of the crisis and had to go hungry so he could feed his children instead.

Find out more about the people you help.


Where your Zakat goes


For every £1 of Zakat you gave through NZF in 2019, 87.5p was given to people in need in the UK to help change lives.

12.5p was spent on getting your Zakat directly and effectively to those people in need.


Now you can make your Zakat 100% if you choose.

No Zakat is used for running the organisation or for raising funds.