Help Muslims in desperate need right now across the UK.

Applications to our Hardship Relief Fund for essentials like food and clothes have increased by at least 90% year on year.


Here’s what’s happening on our doorstep:


⚠️  Figures suggest that 50% of UK Muslims are already living in poverty (Muslim Council of Britain) and are being hit even harder by the growing cost of living crisis.


⚠️  Prices are rising at the highest rate for 30 years – and our communities are the worst hit


Living in a cramped hostel, and without money for food or bus fare, Emre felt completely cut off from life. But Zakat changed all that.

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After separating from her husband, Fatima was left to bring up her children in a bare flat, with debts mounting. When she applied for Zakat, everything changed.

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Mohammed hoped his young family would find peace after leaving Eritrea. Then they were caught up in the UK asylum system. Zakat helped with the family’s most pressing needs.

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