Would you like to help Muslims facing hardship in the UK?

The need for Zakat in the UK is often unknown, that’s why every Ramadan we appeal to you so that you may consider giving some of your Zakat to Muslims in the UK.


Here’s what’s happening on our doorstep:

Last month more than 1,000 Muslims applied for Zakat.


In the past year, more than 20,000 Muslims in poverty asked for help. That’s more than 50 people every day.

Handling your Zakat properly is important to us, that’s why our dedicated Grant Officers ensure that each application is thoroughly checked so that your Zakat is given to eligible Muslims.

Malak Ramadan 2020

Malak, a mother who was forced out of her home during lockdown

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Abdalla, a father of four, struggling to provide for his daughters

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Ramadan 2020 Nada

Nada, a homeless asylum seeker with no family to support her

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Real quotes from Muslims who received Zakat:

“Before coming to NZF I couldn’t afford to pay my bills or give my children enough food and clothes.”

“I was so stressed that I would lose my home. I can’t even begin to explain; it was so tough.”

“I never thought I would be in a place where I can’t afford food.”

Zakat Live

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Because the details matter

From scholarly approvals to tracking your Zakat. Check out what NZF does for you.

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Where your Zakat goes


For every £1 of Zakat you gave through NZF in 2020, 91p was given to Muslims in need.

9p was spent on getting your Zakat directly and effectively to those people in need.

No Zakat is used for running the organisation or for raising funds.

Bring Zakat to life where you live


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