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When you give online through NZF, it’s just the beginning of your Zakat journey.

ZakaTracker lets you know when your Zakat has reached the person in need, how it’s helping and where in the UK they are.

Look out for ZakaTracker in your inbox. If you have any questions, get in touch here.

Your Zakat journey explained

  • You give Zakat

    You can use our online calculator to work out how much Zakat you need to give or you make a quick donation.

  • You allocate the funds

    NZF provides Muslims in need with grants through our three funds: Hardship Relief, Housing & Work, and Education. You choose the split and how to help it get there.

  • Applicants apply for help

    People can apply for help through the different funds, depending on their unique circumstances, each application is checked by our dedicated grant officers.

  • Your Zakat is matched to an eligible person

    Our dedicated Grant Officers go through each application in detail to ensure your Zakat goes to eligible Muslims who need it most

  • You get notified

    Once your Zakat has been used to help Muslims in need through your chosen funds, you’ll get an update to tell you where it went and how it helped.


You give Zakat


You allocate the funds


Applicants apply for help


Your Zakat is matched to an eligible person


You get notified

ZakaTracker – from transaction to transformation

We know how important it is to be transparent about what happens to your Zakat. ZakaTracker keeps you in the loop, so you can be confident and clear about the journey your Zakat takes – from transaction to transformation.

Be in the know by giving your Zakat with us.

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“Thank you for this email and info about the ZakaTracker – it’s unexpected but not exactly a surprise when I think about the great work NZF is doing. May Allah reward you and the team and grant ease for those benefiting in our community.”

– Saliha, London

“Incredible email, I have never received one like this regarding any o donation that I have given to other charities. Another reminder to me why this foundation needs to be supported for the transparency and the local work that you are doing.”


– Adam, Norwich

“I am really encouraged by the work NZF does, especially at a time where we’ve seen such huge impacts from the pandemic on the Muslim community in the UK. May Allah reward you.”

– Kashif, Manchester

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