Introducing ZakaTracker: a new level of transparency for your Zakat


We all love a bit of transparency. And so at NZF, our unique ZakaTracker service lets you know exactly when and where your Zakat has been delivered.

When you make a payment of Zakat through NZF, that is the beginning of your Zakat journey, not the end.

ZakaTracker keeps you updated every step of that journey, so you never have to give your Zakat and wonder where it’s gone and how it’s helped again.

How ZakaTracker works

You’ll get an email telling you when your Zakat has been given out, who it’s helped and where, and what sort of support it’s provided.

We believe you deserve to be kept in the loop about how exactly the difference your Zakat is making, right here in the UK.

Why not give it a try? Give some Zakat today and experience a new level of transparency for your Zakat.

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“Thank you for this email and info about the ZakaTracker – it’s unexpected but not exactly a surprise when I think about the great work NZF is doing. May Allah reward you and the team and grant ease for those benefiting in our community.”

– Saliha, London

“Incredible email, I have never received one like this regarding any o donation that I have given to other charities. Another reminder to me why this foundation needs to be supported for the transparency and the local work that you are doing.”


– Adam, Norwich

“I am really encouraged by the work NZF does, especially at a time where we’ve seen such huge impacts from the pandemic on the Muslim community in the UK. May Allah reward you.”

– Kashif, Manchester

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