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NZF – A new type of Zakat giving

NZF is the only nationwide platform through which you can give Zakat to those who should be receiving it in the UK. A growing number of Muslims are using the platform to bring Zakat to life where they live.

Here’s why:


  • Instantly calculate exactly how much Zakat you need to pay
  • Choose how you want to allocate your Zakat across our three funds: Hardship Relief, Housing & Work, Education
  • Give your Zakat and before you know it you’ll be changing the lives of fellow Muslims across the country



  • Choose how your Zakat is given out to those who need it across three areas:
    • Hardship Relief – help Muslims get through difficult situations by giving them funds to cover essentials such as food and clothing
    • Housing & Work – help Muslims get back on their feet by giving them funds to secure affordable accommodation and gain the skills they need to find a job and take control of their lives
    • Education – strengthen the community by investing in the education and development of emerging Muslim religious leaders and other community champions.
  • Choose to pay a voluntary extra donation of 10% of your Zakat to cover the small cost of our experienced team using your Zakat to help fellow Muslims, so 100% of your Zakat goes directly to those in need should you prefer.



  • ZakaTracker lets you know when your Zakat has been used to help fellow Muslims and the impact you’ve made.


Peace of mind

  • We meticulously ensure that those given your Zakat should be receiving it, checking their eligibility and working with scholarly panels to make sure our Zakat policies are religiously sound and effective.


Helping you bring Zakat

to life where you live.


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