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Your Zakat is changing lives, right now.

NZF gets your Zakat to Muslims in need across the UK, every single day.

Last year, you helped over 17,000 Muslims facing hardship & desperation.

Find out more about the impact your Zakat is having across the country.

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By giving your Zakat through NZF, you are:

  1. Acting as a safety net for Muslims in need.
  2. Freeing people in need from their immediate financial issues.
  3. Helping with essentials such as food, shelter, clothing and travel costs.
  4. Giving people the knowledge to feel more confident about their financial circumstances in the future.
  5. Helping individuals connect with their community and strengthen their faith.
  6. Helping provide education and training to help Muslims who can demonstrate a high level of commitment to community service, to help them to better serve Islam and Muslims in the UK.

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to life where you live.


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