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The problem

Despite Zakat being a pillar of Islam, it’s not having a big enough impact in the UK. There are thousands of Muslims across the country who can and should be giving Zakat, but not all Muslims know there’s a need to give it where they live.

Many Muslims in the UK are struggling with poverty and being held back from reaching their potential. Almost half of all Muslims in the UK are living in poverty. That’s more than twice the national average of 20%*. And worryingly, a third of the population think that Islam threatens the British way of life. Yet our upcoming religious leaders and other community champions, those trying to move the community forward, are being held back by financial circumstances.

*Source: Social Mobility Commission

The solution

Zakat is packed with potential. And it’s up to all of us to make sure it achieves that potential.

We give Muslims a way to bring Zakat to life, getting it to those who should be receiving it in the UK.

We’re developing the only national network through which Zakat gets to those who need it here. And we offer an online way to calculate and give Zakat that’s rooted in our faith.

You’ll be able to choose how it’s spent. And our highly personal approach means you know your Zakat will go to those who should be receiving it, and will be used in the right way, locally.

Your role

By giving Zakat through NZF, you’re part of the solution.

  • You’re helping people unlock their potential.
  • You’re helping create a thriving, closer Muslim community around Britain.
  • And you’re part of an exciting movement for positive change.


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