Giving Zakat through NZF

Zakat given through NZF helps Muslims in need by giving them food, clothing, a roof over their heads, skills for work, and education to help upcoming Muslim religious leaders and other community champions reach their potential. 

We give you choice and transparency over how your Zakat is used, the chance to choose how you can cover the costs of our experienced team getting your Zakat to those who need it.

Here’s some of the things you can do to bring your Zakat to life when you choose to give through NZF:


You can choose how to allocate your Zakat across three funds: Hardship Relief, Housing & Work, and Education.

You can choose to pay a small add-on to cover distribution costs so that 100% of your Zakat goes directly to the recipient.

You can choose to make a donation of sadaqah or riba to help NZF cover our running costs, to let people know about the need and to raise more Zakat funds. 

Our ZakaTracker will keep you up to date on when your Zakat is given out and update you on how it’s helping to change the lives of fellow Muslims here in the UK.

This is what your Zakat is doing

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Why your Zakat is needed here

Your Zakat is more than just a payment, it’s a way to create social change.

Across the UK, thousands of Muslims are living in desperate situations and being held back by lack of money. But there is a solution. Your Zakat has the power to change the lives of Muslims where you live, and it’s up to you to make sure it achieves that potential.


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