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When Mustafa fled his homeland in search of safety and better prospects, he thought his worries would be over. However, the challenges of settling into a new country with limited resources soon became apparent.

Your Zakat gave Mustafa a stepping stone towards financial independence and helped him secure his family’s future.

Mustafa – a Syrian national – came to the UK with his wife, hoping to build a new future. Despite suffering from a heart condition and going through the difficulties of adapting to a new country, Ahmad was determined to pursue his dream of becoming a pharmacist in the UK.

He applied for the Overseas Pharmacists Assessment Programme (OSPAP), a full-time course that qualifies international pharmacists for UK registration. However, the costs of the course and the financial strain of daily living expenses soon began mounting up.

Despite working as a trainee dispenser in a local pharmacy, Mustafa’s income was barely enough to cover his living expenses. His health condition also meant he could not take on additional work.

Faced with many challenges, Mustafa had no idea how to fund his course, which would allow him to become a fully qualified pharmacist and significantly increase his income.

Eventually, Mustafa came across NZF and was relieved to find help to fund his course and registration fees through the Work Fund.

Your Zakat helped to ease Mustafa’s financial burden and also helped to motivate him in his journey towards becoming a qualified pharmacist in the UK. He hopes to be able to help others in the future by giving Zakat to NZF once he completes his studies.


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Based on a true story. Names have been changed and stock images have been used to protect identities.

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