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Jamila had high hopes for a better future when she arrived in the UK. However, when she was diagnosed with cancer, life became a huge struggle, and she didn’t know how she would cope.

But your Zakat was here to help.

Jamila came to the UK as a refugee, hoping to start a new life away from the troubles of her homeland. As a divorcee and cancer patient, she faced many difficulties, especially since she had no friends or family to help her. Her illness took a considerable toll on her mentally, physically and financially. Unable to work, she found it almost impossible to make ends meet on benefits alone.

Despite her difficulties, Jamila wanted to pursue HR training to secure employment and become financially independent. She had already acquired experience and education in the field of HR in her home country but needed to undertake more training in order to work in the UK.

When she came across NZF, she felt a glimmer of hope and immediately applied to the Work Fund to help fund her studies.

With your Zakat, she is now pursuing her HR qualifications, which she hopes will open doors to employment, financial stability and ultimately a brighter future insha’Allah.


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Based on a true story. Names have been changed and stock images have been used to protect identities.

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