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You can get help through our four funds

Hardship Relief Fund

This fund gives grants for basic costs and help with small debts to vulnerable Muslims in the UK who are unable to pay for basic living costs.

You can apply for help with:

1) Basic Costs – like food, travel, clothing and monthly bills etc.

2) Small Debts – for money owed on credit cards, bank loans, and gas and electricity bills

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Housing Fund

This fund offers grants to help Muslims in the UK who need support to live in affordable, liveable and safe accommodation.

You can apply for help with:

  1. Rent and deposit – To move into an affordable and secure home
  2. Arrears
    1. Rent arrears – Rent owed on your current home
    2. Council Tax arrears – Council Tax debts
  3. Furniture – Essential items for your new home


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Work Fund

This fund offers grants to help Muslims in the UK who are unemployed or on low incomes to get a job and increase their incomes.

You can apply for help with:

  1. Training course fees
  2. Certification and License fees
  3. Qualification conversion fees
  4. Tools and Equipment costs

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Education Fund

This fund offers grants for education and training to help Muslims who can demonstrate a high level of commitment to community service, to help them to better serve Islam and Muslims in the UK.

You can apply for help with:

1. Vocational training courses – up to one year. This includes but is not limited to courses in:

2. Postgraduate Academic courses – university-based courses starting in September or January. This includes:

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We’re keen to work with other organisations, businesses and charities to help bring Zakat to life in the UK. If you’re interested in partnering with National Zakat Foundation (NZF) we want to hear from you now.


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