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Apply for help from National Zakat Foundation

If you’re a Muslim in need of support, Zakat given through NZF may be able to help.

Apply for Zakat

You can get help in these three areas

To apply for help from National Zakat Foundation you must have your own email address, mobile phone number and a device able to connect to the internet.

Hardship Relief

The Hardship Relief Fund provides cash grants towards monthly expenses, such as food and clothing, to help vulnerable Muslims in the UK who are unable to pay for basic living costs.

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This fund offers grants to help Muslims in the UK who need support to live in affordable, liveable and safe accommodation.
You can apply for help with:

  1. Arrears
    • Rent arrears – Rent owed on your current home
    • Council Tax arrears – Council Tax debts
  2. Moving In – To help with the costs of settling into your new home
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Work & Education

This fund offers grants to help Muslims in the UK who are unemployed or on low incomes to get a job and increase their incomes.
You can apply for help with:

  1. Training course fees
  2. Certification and License fees
  3. Qualification conversion fees
  4. Vocational training courses – up to one year
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Let's work together

We’re keen to work with other organisations, businesses and charities to help bring Zakat to life in the UK. If you’re interested in partnering with National Zakat Foundation (NZF) we want to hear from you now.

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We’re dedicated to supporting you through life’s challenges, ensuring access to opportunities for growth and stability. With a focus on enhancing your circumstances, we’re always exploring new ways to provide meaningful assistance and ensure your resilience in the face of adversity.

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