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Zakat is not just random charity, it’s a religious duty which forms part of the basis of the Islamic faith and a unique form of religious social welfare designed to uplift the whole Muslim community.

At NZF, we want to help you bring your Zakat to life by giving you the tools and resources needed to understand more about the third pillar and make sure you’re calculating and giving it in a way which fulfils your religious duty and really changes the lives of Muslims where you live.

Our Zakat Guides will help you get Zakat-ready, answering some of the most common questions about calculating and giving Zakat. We also have more specific guides to help you if you’re trying to catch up on Zakat you’ve missed over the years, or working out the Zakat for your business.

Click on any of the guides which suits your current needs and before long we’re sure you’ll be more confident about calculating and giving your Zakat correctly, insha’Allah.

Our Zakat guides will help you to…

Calculate your Zakat in 3
simple steps.

Understand what Zakat is and why it should be paid.

Discover who is eligible to
receive Zakat.

Learn when to pay Zakat and where it can be distributed.

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