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Our Zakat guides will help you to...

Calculate your Zakat in 3 simple steps.

Enter your assets’ details, subtract your liabilities, and apply the Nisab threshold to determine your Zakatable amount. Quick, easy, and Sharia-compliant.

Understand what Zakat is and why it should be paid.

Zakat is a pillar of Islam, purifying wealth by redistributing a portion to those in need. It fosters social harmony by supporting the less fortunate and cleansing the giver’s wealth.

Discover who is eligible to receive Zakat.

Zakat is destined for eight specific categories, including the poor, needy, and those working to distribute it. Identifying the right recipients ensures compliance and maximizes benefits.

Learn when to pay Zakat and where it can be distributed.

Zakat is due annually after one lunar year of meeting the Nisab threshold. It can be distributed locally or globally, focusing on eradicating poverty and distress in the Muslim community.

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