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Missed Zakat is a common issue, with lots of causes. Some people knowingly miss it, others forget, and many just make a mistake when working out the amount. Catching up on missed Zakat can seem like a daunting task but it’s important you get it right, as Zakat remains a debt and can’t be written off.

Where to begin
First things first, check if you have missed or wrongly worked out your past Zakat.

  • Someone has enough money in their account to pay Zakat but doesn’t realise or think about it
  • A student or graduate doesn’t realise they have to pay Zakat even though they have taken out a student loan
  • A person is not sure whether they need to pay Zakat on jewellery
  • A person doesn’t differentiate between their personal and business assets
  • Someone is confused about paying Zakat on their pension
  • A married couple wrongly believes they should work out their Zakat as a couple rather than individually


If some or all the above sound like you, you may have missed Zakat.

This handy guide helps you calculate how much you need to give and clears up some of the most common questions about Zakat.


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