Zakat is not just a payment. It’s a conscious decision and an act of worship which has an impact way beyond the financial transaction.

We’re excited to launch our new service NZF Live, a unique and interactive way to keep you informed with what’s happening with Zakat right where you live:

Get the bigger picture


See how many Muslims are in need, and how many are giving Zakat in your local area. See how you fit within a UK-wide network of Muslim Zakat givers now.


Zakat in numbers


Take a look at some of the key Zakat distribution stats to see how your Zakat fits into the bigger picture.


Number of Muslims helped in January


Number of Muslims helped in 2021

£ 0

Amount of Zakat distributed in January

The Need for Zakat in the UK


See why your Zakat given through NZF is so important. This chart shows you the number of applications for Zakat we’ve been receiving, putting your Zakat in context.