Calculating your Zakat

Our simple to use calculator will help take the stress out of working out your Zakat amount. As long as you have details of all the assets you own to hand, you can quickly find out how much you need to give.

Put simply, there are 4 simple steps to working out your Zakat:

  1. Work out what you own
  2. Then take off what you owe
  3. Work out the balance and check that it’s more than the Nisab value
  4. Work out 2.5% of that and there you go, you’ve got your Zakat amount

Many people get confused about which assets they need to include in the calculation and which debts can be taken off. Our Knowledge Bank contains lots of information to help clear up the most common questions or you can let our Calculator app do the hard work for you. If you have any other questions about calculating your Zakat or need extra support, get in touch to find out how else NZF can help.

Want to know the Nisab?

Our Nisab rates are updated daily to help you work out your Zakat accurately at any time, day or night.

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So, you think you might have missed Zakat?

Missed Zakat is a common issue, with lots of causes. Some people knowingly miss it, others forget, and many just make a mistake when working out the amount. Catching up on missed Zakat can seem like a big task but it’s important you get it right, as Zakat remains a debt and can’t be written off.


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