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Dedicated to bringing Zakat to life in the UK

Our team, passionate about activating Zakat’s potential in the UK, is dedicated to aiding individual Muslims and fostering a thriving, unified community. Our singular focus is on meticulously overseeing and continually enhancing every aspect of the Zakat process.

We guide givers in accurately calculating their Zakat, ensuring secure fund collection, and guaranteeing that these funds are distributed in a manner that is transparent, responsible, and impactful.

Join us in this meaningful journey

Our commitment lies in unlocking the true power of Zakat to strengthen the bonds within the UK Muslim community. You have the opportunity to become an NZF trustee, playing a pivotal role in connecting Muslims across the UK through Zakat. We are currently seeking Trustees to contribute to our mission. Are you interested? Click here to discover more and submit your application.


Sohail Hanif
Dr Sohail Hanif
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Our Senior Team

Saqhib Ali
Saqhib Ali
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Our Trustees

Anisa Hanif
Anisa Hanif
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Azim Kidwai
Azim Kidwai
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Sultan Choudhury OBE
Sultan Choudhury OBE
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Our Advisor

Abu Laila
Sheikh Abu Laila
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Amjad Mohammed
Mufti Amjad Mohammed
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Ashar Khan
Ashar Khan
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Saima Ashraf
Saima Ashraf
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Shorful Islam
Dr Shorful Islam
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