About NZF

We’re the only national organisation connecting you with thousands of Muslim in need in the United Kingdom – every single day.

About Us

Committed to the third pillar of Islam

Our Mission

NZF, established in 2011, is dedicated to supporting poor and vulnerable Muslims across the UK. As the nation’s sole charity specialising in Zakat’s collection and local distribution, we are committed to fostering resilient and thriving Muslim communities.

Our Impact

Since our inception, NZF has distributed over £28.8 million in Zakat to more than 43,000 beneficiaries throughout the UK. Our efforts are focused on alleviating hardship and empowering individuals and families in need.

Our Approach

We help Muslims calculate, pay and track their Zakat through our online calculator, our “ZakaTracker” and regular impact reporting. Our new community distribution hubs allow us to give your Zakat directly to people in need on the ground.

How your Zakat is creating lasting change?

We invite you to explore our annual report for a comprehensive overview of our activities and achievements. Discover in detail how your Zakat is creating lasting change in communities across the UK.