Who are we?

In the UK, thousands of Muslims can and should be giving Zakat. At the same time, Muslims across the country are in need and being held back by their financial circumstances. NZF helps you bring Zakat to life where you live, by connecting your Zakat to these Muslims that need support. How? Through an online platform that lets you calculate, give and choose where your Zakat goes, and a national network that gives Zakat to those who need it. Together, we’re unlocking potential and creating a thriving, closer Muslim community across the UK, so we can all achieve our best, in this life and the next.

Why we exist.

Bringing Zakat to life where you live.

With half of Muslim households in the UK living in poverty and deprivation*, it’s clear Zakat is falling short of its full potential. Muslims across the country need to receive Zakat, but many givers don’t know they could, or should, give locally.


*Source: Social Mobility Commission.

What needs to happen

Most Muslims recognise their duty to give Zakat, but we feel more needs to be done. We want to use its power to benefit the entire community in a lasting way. Your Zakat is packed with potential. And it’s up to you to make sure it achieves that potential.

We give Muslims around the UK a way to bring their Zakat to life – and get it to those who should be receiving it. People they’d otherwise not reach. How? By running the only national network distributing Zakat to those who need it across the UK and providing a way to calculate and give Zakat online that’s rooted in our faith.

Our approach

Our highly personal approach will allow you to choose what your Zakat does, directly, for one of our carefully chosen and rigorously vetted applicants. So you know your Zakat will be used both in the right way and locally.

And once paid, we’ll be able to tell you when your Zakat’s been received, and how it’s been used to improve life for someone near you, right when it happens.

What this means

It means you’re helping individuals to unlock their potential by giving them food, clothing, a roof over their heads, and skills for work, or through education for our future leaders. It means you’re helping create a thriving Muslim community around the UK. And it means you’re part of a ground-up movement for positive change.

How we help.


We care deeply about every penny of Zakat we handle – both for givers and those Muslims that need to receive it. From our online platform that gives you control, to our careful selection process for applicants, we’re meticulous in our duty and transparent in our approach.

Calculating your Zakat

From an easy-to-use calculator to FAQs, guides and useful articles, we have everything you need to calculate your personal or business Zakat, or catch up with missed payments.



Giving your Zakat

The easiest way to give your Zakat is through our online system. It’s simple, straightforward and secure, and also gives you the option to make one-off or regular Sadaqah/Lillah, Riba and Fidyah/Kaffarah payments. You can also give in other ways, such as by bank transfer, by post, through Al Rayan bank branches or your mosque.



Putting your Zakat to work

Your Zakat can support three main streams and you can choose where it goes:


Hardship Relief

Help Muslims get through the worst situations by giving them urgent funds to cover essentials such as food and clothing.


Housing and Work

Help Muslims get back on their feet with affordable accommodation, legal support, and the work skills to find a job and take control of their own lives.



Help strengthen the community by investing in educating and developing Muslim scholars and community champions.


Since 2011, we’ve supported over 15,000 Muslims in need in the UK, and in 2019 alone, we supported over 6,200.



Our history.

From its outset, NZF was a pioneering concept: the first organisation in the UK dedicated solely to collecting and distributing Zakat effectively. The focus: local giving in a sector dominated by overseas causes.

Our Zakat Centres across the country were the first of their kind in the UK where Muslims in need could turn for help and support.

Today, we’re pioneering new ways to improve our service, both for Zakat givers and recipients. Ways that meet the needs of our time and place.

NZF’s ground-breaking R&D work has moved the dial forward in terms of understanding of Zakat, especially regarding businesses and pensions.

Our unique partnership with other organisations to launch the Date Palm Project was key to helping prison leavers achieve their personal aspirations and gain the skills to become as independent as possible in the community.

NZF played a key role in forming the Grenfell Muslim Response Unit (GMRU) to aid people affected by the Grenfell fire. Eventually, we hosted the unit from August 2017 onwards. We were at the forefront of the effort to support people in the aftermath of this tragic event, which disproportionately affected Muslims.

Since 2011, tens of thousands of Muslims have given Zakat through NZF, helping Muslims in need all across the UK.

Helping you bring Zakat
to life where you live.


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