NZF for you

NZF is the only national organisation that receives your Zakat and distributes it to thousands of Muslims in need across the UK.


Our Vision: A thriving, closer Muslim community in the UK, powered by Zakat.

Our Mission: To connect every Muslim in the UK through Zakat.

Since our very first day in 2011, we have been committed to building a closer, thriving Muslim community where the transformative power of Zakat is maximised.

Why we exist

Bringing Zakat to life where you live

Half of Muslim households in the UK are living in poverty and deprivation* – that’s more than twice the national average of 20%. For them, the struggle to make ends meet negatively impacts every area of life – from health and well-being to educational attainment and career prospects.

*Source: Social Mobility Commission.

Zakat is packed with potential. And it’s up to all of us to make sure it achieves that potential.

How we help.


We care deeply about every penny of Zakat we’re entrusted with. From our online platform that gives you control, to our careful selection process for applicants, we’re meticulous in our duty and transparent in our approach.

We aim to make the process of giving Zakat through us easy and transparent so that you feel connected to this important act of worship.

Calculating your Zakat

From an easy-to-use calculator to FAQs, guides and useful articles, we have everything you need to calculate your personal or business Zakat, or catch up with missed payments.



Giving your Zakat

The easiest way to give your Zakat is through our online system. It’s simple, straightforward and secure, and also gives you the option to make one-off or regular Sadaqah/Lillah, Riba and Fidyah/Kaffarah payments. You can also give in other ways, such as by bank transfer, by post, through Al Rayan bank branches or your mosque.



Here’s how it works

  • Our easy-to-use online Zakat calculator helps you work out how much you need to give. If you have questions, you can visit our Knowledge Bank or get in touch with our specialist advisors.
  • You choose where you want your Zakat to be used: Hardship Relief, Housing, Education and Work.
  • Dedicated Grant Officers ensure your Zakat goes to eligible Muslims in need.
  • ZakaTracker updates you when your Zakat is given out and how it’s helping.
  • Zakat Live lets you see the need for Zakat locally and how many are giving Zakat in your town.
  • All of our policies are religiously certified by independent scholars.



Helping you bring Zakat
to life where you live.


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