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How you help

By giving Zakat through National Zakat Foundation you enable us to be there for Muslims in need throughout the country and help unlock the potential of Muslims being held back by their financial circumstances. Your Zakat is added to the funds you have chosen and pooled together with the Zakat of other local Muslims nationwide who have chosen to bring Zakat to life here in the UK. We spread the distribution of Zakat throughout the year so that we’re able to use your Zakat to help Muslims who qualify for Zakat when they need it most.

The four funds

Muslims in need of Zakat can apply to one of four funds.

  • Hardship Relief – help Muslims in desperation get through a rough patch by giving them quick access to funds to cover basic living expenses such as food and clothing.
  • Housing – help Muslims get back on their feet with secure, affordable accommodation.
  • Work – help Muslims by providing the support they need to find a job and take control of their lives.
  • Education – strengthen the community by investing in the education and development of emerging Muslim religious leaders and other community champions.

What happens next

Once a person has applied to one of the funds using our online form, our team checks over all the information they have shared to find out if:

  • The person can be given Zakat
  • The person is eligible for the grant they’ve applied for

A decision will be made in a matter of days if all the information we need is provided, and we’ll then get in touch to let them know the decision.

If we can help, the Zakat grant will either be paid straight into their bank account, or we’ll send them a voucher or pay one of our delivery partners directly if the person will benefit more from a non-cash grant.

Helping you bring Zakat
to life where you live.


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