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What is Zakat?

Zakat is the third pillar of Islam, and a key part of the Islamic socio-economic system. By giving part of their wealth as Zakat, Muslims perform a religious duty, cleanse their own wealth in the eyes of God, and help to uplift the faith and standard of life of the entire Muslim community.

Purpose of Zakat

Zakat is not just random charity, it’s a unique form of religious social welfare with specific guidelines about who should receive it and a purpose it should achieve. Its ultimate aim is to strengthen faith and uphold the religion of Islam by providing a safety net for certain set categories of Muslims.


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How Zakat works

To make sure Zakat achieves its purpose, is used in the right way to help those who should be receiving it, Zakat needs to be administered properly. In this section you can find out more about how Zakat works to positively change the lives of Muslims as individuals and to create a thriving, closer Muslim community.

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