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When Layla came to the UK with her husband, she thought her problems were over. Dreaming of a new future together, reality hit hard when they couldn’t afford to feed and clothe their newborn son.

Your Zakat helped restore their dignity and provided them with relief when they needed it most.

Layla and her husband Amaad came to the UK in search of a better life. As asylum seekers, they could not work and had to live off the small amount of support given to them by the Home Office as they awaited the outcome of their application.

Two years passed, and in that time, Layla and her husband welcomed their first child. But instead of enjoying their time as new parents, they struggled to make ends meet. Overwhelmed by their circumstances, they couldn’t provide the most basic necessities for their son. As new parents, they felt hopeless and almost like they had failed their son.

Zakat and its power.

However, when Layla and Amaad heard about NZF, they were relieved – and surprised – to know there was an organisation in the UK that could help them with Zakat. They applied to the Hardship Fund and got help towards essentials such as baby milk and food, clothing and other items. Amaad also repaid an overdue loan, alleviating him of a burden that had loomed over him for far too long.

Your Zakat helped Layla and Amaad feel closer to the Muslim community and more optimistic about the future. Your support lifted their spirits and gave them some much-needed breathing at a difficult time. In the future, Layla – who has qualifications in agriculture – hopes to be able to find a good job alongside her husband.


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Based on a true story. Names have been changed and stock images have been used to protect identities.

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