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Our Advisors

NZF’s Strategy, Policy and Research department has an in-house scholar:

Mufti Faraz Adam.

Mufti Faraz Adam was born and raised in the United Kingdom. After six rigorous and intensive years of studying: Aqidah, Tafsir, Hadith, Usul, Arabic grammar, syntax, morphology and rhetoric, he qualified with distinction and was granted Ijazah in the above disciplines. Upon qualifying from Darul Iftaa as a Mufti (juriconsult), he was accredited with: Masters of Arts and Theology with specialization in Juristic verdicts (Iftaa). He holds a Masters Diploma specialization in Islamic Finance, a Masters Degree in Islamic Finance, Banking and Management and he is also a Ethica CIFE™ Graduate. He presents insight into the Islamic Sciences through his initiative Darul Fiqh.

Mufti Faraz Adam works closely with a wide range of external (and other in-house) Islamic scholars and researchers to ensure that principles and policies are in line with authentic classical scholarship. 

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