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Our Zakat Policy

The institution of Zakat has a strategic and deliberate purpose, which is to enable commitment to God to thrive in society at both an individual and collective level. But this purpose can only be achieved when Zakat is given out efficiently and effectively.

Our research shows that in order for Zakat distribution to be effective, it must be unified, local and balanced.

  • Unified: We pool Zakat collection to enable coordinated and measured distribution.
  • Focused: We distribute Zakat in the UK to focus on serving the society and culture we know best.
  • Balanced: We distribute Zakat across the eight categories mentioned in the Qur’an (9:60) in the UK to serve the society we know best and for which we are most responsible.

How do we decide who to help?

NZF’s policy is based on insights derived from the Qur’an and the Prophetic example, as well as from the classical jurists of the four mainstream schools of Islamic law, contemporary scholars, jurists and global bodies.

Our Research department is responsible for forming our Zakat policies, ensuring they’re Islamically sound and relevant to our context and society.

Spearheaded by our in-house Zakat specialist, Mufti Faraz Adam, this department consults with local and global Zakat organisations, scholars, researchers and practitioners who make sure NZF’s Zakat distribution in the UK is effective and legally valid.

Find out how we choose our advisors here.

Our Zakat Distribution Strategy

When it comes to deciding who to support and how to support them, we refer to our policy framework for guidance, as it underpins our beliefs and our aspirations for Zakat in the UK.

Download our summarised Zakat Distribution Strategy for a concise explanation of our distribution framework.


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