Giving Promise


Givers trust NZF with all types of giving. NZF commits to giver choice, and to use all giving appropriately and carefully.

NZF makes the following commitments to givers

We will:

  • Use all Zakat for charitable activity. We do not use Zakat to raise funds or for core costs.
  • Clearly communicate our Zakat fund allocation policy. Give an easy-to-understand choice to the giver as to how they would like their Zakat to be distributed and respect that choice. If absolutely necessary, enable a giver to change their fund preferences, within a maximum of 7 days from the date of receipt of giving.
  • Give choice to the giver as to how they would like to contribute to the distribution service of receiving their Zakat, verifying applicants and distributing their Zakat to people in need. Givers may cover the service from Zakat or Sadaqah.  Limit the contribution to no more than 10% of the value of a giver’s Zakat, unless a giver voluntarily chooses a higher amount.
  • Keep track of each giving type meticulously. We use different bank accounts to keep the Zakat for applicants separate from all other giving.
  • Use donations of Sadaqah (voluntary giving) to help us raise more funds. 
  • Use donated Riba only for core costs. 
  • Adhere to a riba-free policy. We will maintain an Islamic riba-free bank account and an interest-free conventional account. We will not pay riba to any suppliers. 
  • Make every effort to keep core costs at no more than the minimumrequired to provide the quality service givers expect. 
  • Under exceptional circumstances, we may return the amount given – for example, if it was done in error and it is within 7 days of the date of receipt of giving.  

To meet this commitment, we will ensure:

  • We build quality assurance into our giving procedures and maintain a cycle of continuous improvement and training.  
  • Our policies and procedures are checked through a regular internal quality control audit. 
  • Our policies and procedures are checked during an annual Shariah audit by recognised scholars. 
  • Our financial policies and procedures are checked as part of the annual financial audit by recognised experts. 

NZF staff, volunteers and associates will take care to:

  • Always act in the best interests of individuals, respecting and involving those who use our services, providing them with safe and appropriate information that meets their needs and supports their rights.
  • Protect confidential information except where the wider duty of care or the public interest might justify making it known.

What does this mean for givers who give to NZF?

Givers can be confident that they can give to NZF knowing that the funds will be used carefully and appropriately.

What is your refund policy?

We will return your donation if:

  • It was given unlawfully
  • You gave it in error and you let us know within 7 days of giving it
  • We have reasonable grounds to believe you did not have the capacity to make the donation decision


A more detailed policy is available.

What should you do if you any concerns about the way Zakat is distributed? 

Check our Giving FAQs for more detail


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