Other sources of help

On this page you can find specialist organisations that may be able to help you. You might find a service near you and specialised in an issue you need help with. The organisations on this page work independently of NZF.

You can select one of the categories below to help you find the service you’re looking for.

Please note, NZF doesn’t have a physical office or shelter space. If you are in an emergency or there is risk to life (that can be your own or another person’s), call 999.


Asylum Seekers & Refugees

Domestic Violence

Shelters and Housing

Food and clothing

Mental health support

Debt support Services

If you have any questions about applying for Zakat, please contact us via this page here.

Community support in your area

Find My Mosque
  • Muslim Council of Britain
  • On this page, if you enter your postcode, you will be given a list of mosques near you.
  • Find my Mosque

Asylum Seekers & Refugees

UK wide support with translators
Legal and Immigration Help


Immigration Advice


Address and Phone numbers





  • Bradford Foundation Trust
  • https://bradfordft.org/
  • 203 Westgate, Bradford BD1 3AD
  • [email protected]
  • 01274 010192




Belfast/Northern Ireland


Domestic Violence

UK Wide Helplines with Translators

UK Wide



Islamic Divorce and Khula



Shelters and Housing

Shelter UK


Local Charities with Accommodation Support
  • https://naccom.org.uk/projects/
  • This is a live map that shows charities across the UK that are providing accommodation and support to those facing destitution.
  • You can click on the map, and get the phone numbers, and addresses of the services.

Food and Clothing

UK Wide Services
  • You can search these websites for many different services (like help with clothing and food) that are near your location.
  • It will give you the phone number and addresses of services that can help you.



Emotional & Mental Health Support

Crisis Helplines


Muslim Helplines

Muslim Women’s Network

Muslim Youth Helpline

Muslim Mental Health Support

London wide services

Debt & Budgeting Services

Debt Advice


Government Support

Legal Aid



Benefits you can claim

Elderly Support

Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery Victims

Disability Services



  • If you have been a victim of Islamophobia and are still in danger, please dial 999.
  • If you have you been a victim of Islamophobic hate crime or discrimination, please report it to the IRU, where you can also get free confidential advice.
  • https://iru.mend.org.uk/
  • 0203 904 6555
  • [email protected]

Addiction Services

Gambling Addiction
Other Addictions
  • Get information on where and how you can find support for addiction and dependency.
  • Click here – Mind

Student Support

International Students
  • UK Council for International Student Affairs
  • They are a national advisory body supporting international students. Check out their advice section, which covers the key areas on issues international student’s face. They also have a phoneline.
  • https://www.ukcisa.org.uk/
UK Student Funding

If you are ineligible for our Education Grant Fund, here are some alternative avenues that may be able to assist you.

Carers, Foster Carers, Adoption support.

Carers UK

Carers UK provide information and guidance to unpaid carers. This covers a range of subjects including

  • Benefits and financial support
  • Your rights as a carer in the workplace
  • Carers’ assessments and how to get support in your caring role
  • Services available to carers and the people you care for
  • How to complain effectively and challenge decision
  • UK helpline – 0808 808 7777
  • Email – [email protected]

Burial Services and Funding

Helping you bring Zakat
to life where you live.


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