Zakat Expert

Givers trust  NZF  with their Zakat. We commit to giver choice and to use all your giving appropriately and carefully.


Zakat is a unique form of Islamic social welfare, obligated as a pillar of our faith. It has specific rules on how it should be calculated, given and distributed.

So when you give Zakat, we want you to be confident it’ll be handled correctly.

Here’s how we give you that assurance:

🔏  All our policies are certified by independent scholars

We’ve recently been audited by Mufti Amjad Mohammed of Markaz al-Iftaʾ wa’l-Qadaʾ. You can view the certificate here.


🔎  Our accounts and financial practices are independently audited.

As a registered charity we’re subject to the charity laws of the UK and the Charity Commission regulations. As part of this, we are regularly audited, and all our financials are available online.

📉  We keep admin costs down

For every £1 of Zakat you gave through NZF in 2021, on average 91p was given to Muslims in need. 9p was spent on getting your Zakat directly and effectively to those people in need. Now you can make your Zakat 100% if you choose. No Zakat is used for running the organisation or for raising funds.

✔️ Allocate Zakat as you want

This puts you in the driving seat. If you prefer to give 100% to Hardship Relief – that’s up to you! You can even support the education of community champions and Imams through our Education Fund.

📍 Zakat only goes to eligible Muslims in the UK

Each application for Zakat is dealt with by a dedicated Grant Officer who is experienced in establishing both the type of support needed and whether the applicant qualifies for Zakat.

💳  Choose how we handle your money

You can choose to pay a 10% voluntary Sadaqah add-on to cover distribution costs, ensuring all your Zakat goes to beneficiaries. Otherwise, we’ll use up to 10% of your Zakat to help it get there.

✉️  Transparent with your Zakat

Our ZakaTracker tool will inform you when your Zakat has reached the person in need, how it’s helping and where in the UK they are. So, you are always kept in the loop! And you can be assured your Zakat is having an impact in the UK.

If you have any questions about Zakat assurance through NZF, get in touch.