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When work started to dry up, father of four Abdalla worried he wouldn’t be able to provide for his wife and four daughters. With a new-born baby to look after, who was suffering with a variety of health complications, the stress was almost unbearable.

Here’s how your Zakat became a lifeline in time for Ramadan.

I’ve always worked hard to provide for my family. I feel so blessed to have four beautiful daughters. Now, thanks to your Zakat, I feel even more blessed, because every time I look at them, I’m reminded of the power of the third pillar of Islam, and God’s grace.

As anyone with kids will know, it can be very tough to provide them with everything they need. When my youngest was born recently, she and my wife struggled a lot with their health. It was hard to find a job that I could juggle with my caring responsibilities, and when lockdown struck, even the odd jobs I did started to dry up.

We were lucky to be given Government accommodation. But with little money, it’s a struggle to afford essentials like a cooker and furniture.

That was until I found out about NZF. Your Zakat meant I could get a grant through the Housing Fund to buy simple items. The house now feels like a family home, and my daughters have smiles on their faces again. May Allah reward you all. I can’t explain how much it means.

Thanks to your Zakat, thousands of Muslims in need like Abdalla will get the support they need this year.


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Based on a true story.