You cannot pay your Zakat in arrears . Zakat must be paid as soon as possible and the obligation to pay Zakat becomes so on its due date (namely, your Zakat anniversary). Payment of Zakat must not be delayed unless there is a valid reason – it is not something trivial that can just be put off!

It is possible to calculate Zakat in advance using your best estimate of your Zakatable assets, however, NZF advise a recalculation of assets on every Zakat date to avoid underpayment.

Zakat can be paid in advance but only on two conditions:

At the end of the Zakat year during which payment was made in advance:

  • 1) the Zakat recipient must still qualify for Zakat
  • 2) the Zakat payer must still qualify for Zakat payment

You can spread your Zakat payment over time in advance of its due date via the NZF regular giving donation page.

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