Zakat Calculation Masterclass

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👋  Join us for a live demonstration on how to calculate your Zakat correctly.


An online interactive class with our Zakat expert.

We are the UK’s only dedicated Zakat platform focusing on the third pillar, every single day. And we’ve spent many years helping thousands of Muslims with their calculation. So it’s fair to say that when it comes to Zakat and your needs, we may know a thing or two.

Calculating your Zakat can be stressful. With your ever-changing personal circumstances, you’ll have questions piling up, from how to calculate Zakat on gold and silver to how much Zakat to pay on stocks and shares.

Whatever your query, this Ramadan, we’re going to help you calculate your Zakat correctly in a simple and easy way.

Our unique Zakat calculation Masterclasses are designed to give you the confidence and knowledge you need to get Zakat-ready for Ramadan, without getting yourself into a calculation spin.

90% of attendees say they’d recommend the masterclass.
90% now feel less stressed about calculating their Zakat.
64% now feel more confident in Zakat calculation.


✏️  What you’ll get out of the Masterclass

  • A live run-through of how to calculate your Zakat with our Zakat expert 
  • How to avoid common Zakat calculation mishaps 
  • Specific advice for those with business assets & investments 
  • Ask your unique Zakat question directly to an expert 
  • Equipped with all the knowledge to fulfil your third pillar confidently
  • A recording of the session so you can skip to your favourite bit
  • Zakat calculation slides to share with your family and loved ones

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🎓 Meet your Zakat experts


Iqbal Nasim 

Iqbal has led NZF since November 2011, a few months after its inception. He has spoken extensively about Zakat and NZF across the UK, and has also presented to international audiences, notably at the Global Donors Forum and the World Islamic Economic Forum.

Prior to joining NZF, Iqbal worked for over five years in the investment banking industry as an equity analyst. He holds an MA in Economics and Management from Cambridge University and an MSc in Voluntary Sector Management from Cass Business School.


Mufti Faraz Adam

An experienced Shariah scholar and advisor with a track record in product development, Shariah advisory, audit and governance for several global Islamic financial institutions. He spent a decade studying Islamic law in the UK and South Africa, specialising in finance.

He holds a Masters degree in Islamic finance, banking and management from Newman University and has attained various finance-industry qualifications. He has an ACCA Accounting and Business Diploma and is currently training to be an Independent Financial Advisor.