Demand for support through NZF has more than doubled since the pandemic outbreak


Coronavirus is affecting Muslims right now, here in the UK. Many are finding it difficult just to afford food and keep a roof over their heads. In the last month, nearly 900 brothers and sisters applied to National Zakat Foundation for support, more than double the amount of applications received in February. Many are directly affected by coronavirus. Thanks to your Zakat, they are getting support in their time of need. We have distributed around £230k of Zakat, again more than double the previous month.

Image showing demand for Zakat

We expect this demand to continue to grow. It’s going to be a tough few months but we can and will get through this, God willing. While this is clearly a difficult time for everyone, it’s been heartening to see examples up and down the country of people going above and beyond to help their fellow citizens. The community effort being shown is very much in the spirit of Zakat and it’s important at times like this that we all find the strength to help others, keep some perspective and stay hopeful.

If you or someone you know is struggling, we may be able to help. To apply for support, please visit We’re in this together. Please also keep sharing this message with as many people as possible.


May Allah keep us all safe, healthy and faithful in these times of uncertainty.

Coronavirus update 03/04/2020