The Muslim Women’s Zakat Fund

Collective care and economic justice for Muslim women.

NZF has been promoting Zakat-based economies for over a decade; this fund aims to build on that work to create an infrastructure that supports Muslim women out of hardship.

A call for us to take collective care of Muslim women in the UK.

Together with Amaliah, we are launching The Muslim Women’s Zakat Fund, a means to promote economic justice for Muslim women in the UK.

This fund has been born from an intention to ensure we look after Muslim women who are one of the most marginalised groups in the UK. Muslim women are facing hardship across housing, employment, healthcare, and education. Zakat has the power to transform the lives of Muslim women, their families and the communities they live in.

Zakat is more than just a donation – it is community solidarity in action.

Consider giving some of your Zakat to Muslim women in the UK.

About Amaliah

Amaliah is a media platform dedicated to Muslim women, over the last 3 years they have worked with NZF to raise awareness of the importance of Zakat in the UK.

We know the Amaliah community are always uplifting one another and we want to utilise the transformative power of Zakat to redistribute your wealth locally to help uplift Muslim women.

By creating an infrastructure for Muslim women, this fund aims to alleviate hardship and allow Muslim women in the UK to reach their potential.

Support the collective care of Muslim women

Let’s unite to support Muslim women in need in the UK.

Your Zakat is more than a donation — it’s a lifeline.

Your Zakat can make a difference by helping put food on tables, keeping families warm and children in their homes.

Let’s come together to build a stronger UK Muslim community through the power of Zakat.

Give Now

The need for Muslim women in the UK is real

In the UK, the call to support Muslim women is pressing. Facing unique socio-economic challenges and Islamophobia, Muslim women require targeted assistance to navigate their daily lives with dignity and security.

As millions of Muslims turn to calculate their Zakat, your support can help us continue to make a positive impact on their lives.

If you are a Muslim woman in need of Zakat, you can reach out here.

The need for comprehensive support is not just real; it’s critical.

NZF's £1.5 Million Boost Uplifts Single Mothers in Financial Hardship

In 2023, we distributed nearly £1.5 million to help single mothers. From food and rent to heating bills NZF helped women in financial distress lift themselves above their daily struggles.

Major Funds Allocated to Elevate Women from Hardship

The largest amount went on basic living expenses to help women out of immediate hardship to help build a stronger community and take control of their lives.

Support for Women's Housing and Safety from Abuse

To keep women and their families in their homes we also supported those in rent arrears, or with help to find a safe place to live away from domestic violence or abuse

How is your Zakat creating lasting change?

We invite you to explore our annual report for a comprehensive overview of our activities and achievements. Discover in detail how your Zakat is creating lasting change in communities across the UK.