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Become a Zakat Champion!

As a Zakat Champion, you’ll be the voice of NZF in your community, raising awareness about the importance of Zakat and giving it locally to help Muslims in the UK. Just a few hours of your time can make a real difference to your brothers and sisters who are facing hardships such as sleeping rough, not having enough food to eat or falling behind on essential bills.

Why should you become a Zakat Champion?

  1. Help alleviate poverty amongst Muslims in your community
  2. Revive a pillar of Islam
  3. Invest in your Hereafter
  4. Learn new skills and gain new experiences
  5. Meet other Zakat Champions (at select events)
  6. Get the chance to win some amazing prizes including an 🕋 Umrah trip for two people!

What’s involved?

We know that everyone is busy, so as a Zakat Champion, there are many different activities you can get involved in to support our work. You can do as much (or as little) as you like; just choose the activities which are right for you.

Examples of ways you can contribute to our work include:

  • Raising awareness about our work – Speak to your friends, send a text or put up some posters. Spread the message so more people know what we do and why we exist.
  • Increasing understanding of Zakat and its rulings – Organise a Zakat seminar, hold a study circle in your home or promote our Zakat Q&A Service. Revive the knowledge of this forgotten pillar.
  • Raising funds for NZF – Organise a cake sale, hold an auction, or participate in an NZF event. Fund our vital work and alleviate poverty on your doorstep.


The above are just some ways to get involved with NZF. By registering as an Zakat Champion, you’ll receive a welcome pack through the post, information regarding upcoming events in your area, and regular updates about our work.


Be part of something amazing. Join Zakat Champions now and build a stronger UK Muslim community together!



Have some more questions?

Check out our Zakat Champions FAQ page for more details.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Zakat Champion?

A Zakat Champion is an NZF volunteer who highlights the importance of Zakat in their local community, to help benefit Muslims who are affected by poverty here in the UK.

What does a Zakat Champion have to do?

Zakat Champions will be asked to carry out simple tasks to help raise awareness about our work and how Zakat can help vulnerable Muslims in the UK.

What are the tasks?

We have a whole host of tasks/activities that you can get involved with – from simple things like sharing messages on social media to running a 10K marathon! You can also come up with your own ideas for fundraising or if you need some inspiration, check out your Zakat Champions Welcome Pack.

Are the tasks difficult or ‘scary?’

The tasks are designed to be simple to carry out so everyone can participate. We will not require you to do anything you are not comfortable with. If there are any tasks you need support with, you are welcome to involve friends and family to help you and contact our team.

Do I have to complete all of the tasks?

No, you can choose which ones you wish to get involved in and pass on the ones you don’t. However, we encourage you to do as many of the online tasks as possible during Zakat Awareness Week (19th – 25th February 2024).

Can I sign up as a Zakat Champion at any time during the year?

Yes, you can sign up as a Zakat Champion at any point by registering here. You will receive a welcome pack via email.  

Do I have to fundraise a minimum amount?

No. All we ask is for you to do your best to collect Zakat and Sadaqa funds through raising awareness about our work and being a committed Zakat Champion  

What are the prizes for the top-performing Zakat Champions?

Gold – Umrah trip for two people
Silver – iPad
Bronze – £100 Gift Voucher 

Prizes will be awarded to the Zakat Champions who raise the highest amount of funds by 12th April 2024. Prizewinners will be announced within a week of this date via email.