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After separating from her husband, Fatima was left to bring up her young children in a bare, unfurnished flat. With debts mounting, just coping day to-day seemed impossible. That’s when she applied for Zakat, and everything changed.

“I was struggling to pay my bills, like council tax, water and a universal credit loan. And that’s before things I really needed like clothes for my baby. At the end of the month, even if I had a little money left, I would pay back loans I’d taken from family, so I ended up with even less. It was so stressful, especially with a baby.”

Fatima had tried to look for a job that would help her get back on her feet, but it was impossible to find anything that would even cover her basic bills. That’s when she reached out to NZF. Through our Hardship Relief Fund, she was able to get help with basic living costs such as food and clothes for her children. A grant from the Housing Fund meant she could furnish their bare flat with essentials such as a bed, fridge and washing machine.

And Zakat wasn’t just here for her needs today, but for a better future too. Through the NZF Work fund, Fatima has been able to join a 1-year course in Education Practice which will qualify her for a secure and better-paid job in the future.

When life seemed impossible, Zakat was here to bring a better life today, and hope for a brighter tomorrow for Fatima and her children.

Based on a true story. A volunteer actor has been used to illustrate the impact your Zakat can bring.

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